Thursday, August 7, 2014

Real People, Real Vintage

VFG member Maggie from 

A while ago I was watching re-runs of Hemlock Grove, a deliciously dark, supernatural soap-esque TV series. The show is set in modern times but in one of the episodes I noticed that upir (Ukranian Vampire), Olivia Godfrey, had on a heart stopping, vintage coat which looked a LOT like Courrèges. To my delight, Olivia's entire first season wardrobe seemed to be peppered with fabulous vintage. It's exciting to me, when vintage is a fashion choice of film and TV costumers and I love reports of vintage sightings in high society or the Hollywood crowd. But, my vintage radar is on high wherever I go and I mostly love seeing it worn by real everyday people.

The other day there was a discussion among my fellow trade members on the Vintage Fashion Guild, about house dresses, the kind our mothers and grandmothers wore to tend family and home. A number of members shared their own preferences for these pretty but practical frocks. Some dressed them up for special occasions and others simply wore them as they were intended, to work around the house or garden.

This got me to thinking about how real people choose to wear real vintage. I put a shout out to my VFG friends and asked if they might share pictures of themselves showing off their own unique vintage style. I got a great response and here goes... Real people wearing real vintage.

Alice from  EndlessAlly on Etsy

 In a Mid 60s - early 70s Abe Schrader ensemble. Coat has back belt and velvet collar. "It's my early fall gallery hop favorite!" says Alice

Amy from

1. A 1970s acrylic knit sweater dress, short 1960s wool cape, accessorized with a 1940s black plastic cameo pin and a mid century(Christian Dior) hat.
 2. 1970s snap-front corduroy coat, 1940s wide-brim straw hat and 1960s leather purse with modern leather gloves and scarf.

Amber from TheVintageVortex on Etsy 

1. Wearing a black and white 1960's maxi dress at the Don the Beachcomber tiki bar in Sunset/Huntington Beach. 
2. Amber's hubby in one of his vintage Hawaiian shirts. 

Barbara from  

Under a shady tree wearing a mix of old and new. Antique hat, circa 1919, Edwardian french purse, shoes are 1990s Edwardian revivals and antique brooch.  The green 2 piece suit is a custom made copy of a WWI era suit.

Suzanne from

 Modern vintage look gown. 1950s Hattie Carnegie ruby and hematite necklace. Gold Victorian bangle bracelet, 1950s black gloves and not seen, beaded 40s bag and red and black suede 50s Springolator shoes.

 Bonnie from MyVintageClothesLine on Ruby Lane 

All in 1940s attire. Black Wool Suit, Elizabeth Hawes hat, black wool purse and Joseff of Hollywood Brooch

Carrie from 

Formal night photo from her Mediterranean cruise, 1940s rayon gown. "I'm wearing vintage jewelry too, though you can't see it!" says Carrie 

Harriet from

 1. A ww1 nurses dress over a 90s gap tshir
 2. With a friend at a vintage show wearing a psychedelic jumpsuit  


                   Joules from JoulesVintage on Etsy 

                1. Wearing an 80s jumpsuit
                2. In a 1960s palazzo jumpsuit


Liza from 

1. Off to a fundraiser in a 50s-themed dance production. Everything vintage but the shoes
2.Liza's customer Nicole in a dropped waist 60s dress

 Maggie from 

1. With a friend in 30s/40s attire
2. Mod vintage coat and umbrella

Mary Jane from Poppy' 

MJ says "Here is an old photo of myself back in the 70s in my first vintage shop with my mentor/partner, Alma"

MJ on right in a 40s silk day dresses. Alma wearing Bakelite bangles on and amber pendant

Melanie from StellaRoseVintage on Etsy with twin sister Heather

1. Heather wearing a 1970s Kimono style robe/dressing gown for a day out shopping
2. Heather in 80s St Michael shorts and crop top
3. Melanie went as Jessie, to a Disney character themed Fancy Dress, wearing men's 1970s Italian boots, 80's home made line dancing blouse and 90's Etam cord waistcoat. Plus her Dad's hat
4. and 5. 1980 Tootal tie worn as a headscarf:

Nicole from

1.Nicole and friends in 1940s/50s vintage
2. In 1930s vintage on her wedding day
3. Wearing 30s printed silk satin

Susan from NorthStarVintage on Etsy

Wearing her beloved 60s Brooks cafe racer jacket with stars painted on the cuffs. 

Karen from WillyNillyVintage on Etsy

1. Vintage slip and handbag with modern jeands and cardigan.
2. 1950s cotton play suit with modern belt and heels.
3. 1960s Courrèges raincoat with vintage scarf bag and Bally boots.

And... me in my favorite 1960s cotton print cropped shirt

Thank you to all of my friends and colleagues at the Vintage Fashion guild!!