Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Beauty is in the Details

The other day I posted a wonderful 1950s novelty skirt to my website. It has this huge appliqued pocket watch on it which got me to thinking about the fabulous detail work I come across in the vintage market. Embroidery, bead work, trapunto, hand painting, applique... today's fashion market is nearly devoid of these wonderful methods. I grant you there is still a penchant, in modern ready-to-wear, for beads and sequins but as a rule you have have to go to couture level (or at the very least a very high end market) to find decorative detail that is equal to much of what is easily found in Vintage.

Some of the older details were done by hand... others by machine but either way they added time to the construction of the garment and time adds cost. In the past it was common for even the budget labels to attempt some kind of unique textile adornment. Today the industry relies heavily on print rather than intricate surface detail for added design interest. This blog is a pictorial tribute to the treasure trove of embellishment that is yet one more reason to be in love with Vintage!


Pocket watch, appliqued felt skirt from the 1950s

Gorgeous beaded details on an early 1970s alaskine evening coat.

Quirky top from a 1970s pant suit with machine embroidery.

1970s double knit wool dress with brass studs.

Jute detail on the hem of a 1960s wool crepe dress.

Whimsical 1960s hand painted dress from Greece, signed Pepi.

Ribbon embroidery and applied rhinestones make this simple alaskine dress special.

A late 50s - early 60s confection in shirred chiffon and inset lace.

Painstaking, hand done Tambour embroidery with beads and rhinestones on a red wool vest. Most likely made in India in the 1960s-70s for the western market. It came with a matching maxi skirt.

Koos van den akker, wool challis dress with marvelous applique work.

Slipper satin dress from the 1950s with trapunto work at the hem.

Felt applique with embroidered highlights on a bright yellow linen maxi dress from the late 1960s.