Monday, February 11, 2013

My vintage gown at the Grammy Awards!

Despite the dismal winter weather and the fact that I am on DAY FIVE of battling the dreaded flu I'm a pretty happy camper right now. This morning I woke to some really wonderful news. The phone rang and it was Stephanie Pernice, one of the producers of the SOWA Vintage Market. The market is in the South End in Boston and I have a booth there where I sell vintage. A few weeks back I sold a 1960s gown to a woman by the name of Susan Battista, she was planning to wear it to the Grammy Awards where her husband Fritz Klaetke, design director at Visual Dialogue, had been nominated for an award in the best package design category. As you can imagine Susan wanted to look perfect for the occasion. She chose a chic sleeveless column gown from the 1960s done in a gorgeous metallic brocade. The ground color was dark chocolate and the brocade pattern, stylized splashy gold flowers. It was exactly what she was looking for AND it looked stunning on her. So fast forward to this morning when Stephanie called to tell me that Fritz had won the award! How thrilling that must have been for him AND his wife, a dream come true. I was SO very happy for them and to be honest pretty darn happy she had chosen my dress for the occasion!

Stephanie wanted to know if I had a picture of the dress for her blog which sadly I did not. I told her that Susan promised me a shot after the event but something tells me that this might not be the most important thing on her mind at the moment :) Maybe once they have settled back at home Susan will think to send a photo, till then here is a link to a picture of the proud winner, his wife AND my dress ;)

AND here are some pictures of my booth at SOWA


  1. Congratulations! My, but she looks fantastic!

  2. That is so exciting, Melody. Congratulations to you and to the winning couple!

  3. WOW, how wonderful. A dream come true! Best Wishes

  4. Melody! This is so exciting, you made my year! Even my kids were happy for you and for SoWa Vintage Market when they heard this fabulous news! Susan looks amazing in the dress you found her...she told me it was the "lucky charm" that helped win a Grammy. How sweet.
    Thank you for bringing wonderful things to SoWa Vintage Market + we look forward to seeing the awesome fashion you inject into the market each week. All our best to you, congratulations!
    Stephanie + John
    co-creators, SoWa Vintage Market

  5. That's so exciting about your dress!
    I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy reading your blog. I've nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award!