Monday, June 4, 2012

The SOWA Vintage Market

 We are back!! This weekend we opened our booth at the SOWA Vintage Market in Boston and I couldn't be more happy! This will be our third Spring/Summer (the market runs year round) and I swear it just keeps getting better! It was so nice to see old friends and to meet new dealers. There was a lovely big crowd all day long and everyone seemed to be having a great time. SOWA is an eclectic market offering a little of everything, INCLUDING the occasional vintage sink ;) Although my main business is vintage clothing and accessories I do dabble in antique/vintage decor as well and SOWA is the perfect venue for both. That's one of the things I like best about this place... the great balance of merchandise, literally, something for everyone (and every wallet).

Stephanie and John are the managers and they work tirelessly to keep things fresh and exciting and dealers replenish with scads of new items each week. I made the rounds yesterday to see what treasures were to be found and I was so impressed by the selection I just had to take pictures and share. I focused more on the decorative as opposed to the wearable, but don't be fooled there are racks and racks of vintage clothing to choose from as well. Just to let you know, during the summer SOWA Vintage is not alone, there is also a farmers/craft/artists market that takes place in the parking lot right outside the door, AND great food trucks (I'm talking everything from gourmet cupcakes to Thai food to gigantic hot dogs). VERY dangerous for a gal like me who is trying to watch her waistline....although, it IS just once a week so maybe not too dangerous...... Anyway, if you are in the Boston area on a Sunday, SOWA is a "must visit" event. If you are local it just might become a regular haunt! For info visit their website. Now, enjoy the pictures!

One of my favorite booths, a team of two dealers offer painted refinished vintage furniture along with lovely crystal and exotic live plants

Endless selection of vintage clothing and accessories, I did not photograph any of the racks of pretty dresses but rest assured there are plenty!

LOTS of beautiful and unique items for the home!

Grownup Kids Stuff!

Wiley (left) and his brother/assistant (AKA the Atari Guys) win the prize for cutest dealers plus they specialize in old original video games, how cool is that!

And of course no vintage market, worth it's salt, would be complete without the strange and surreal!

Hope you can make it, toodles for now!


  1. Cool photos, thanks for sharing. Wish I lived closer to Boston!

  2. Thank you for that nice photo of Andrew and Ethan Wiley of Discovision Vintage.

  3. My boys Andrew and Ethan Wiley of Discovision Vintage.

  4. Hi you have an awesome post here, I love it, I can see how endless vintage stock there is. I love the old photographs and house items and the necklaces and bags. Great post, will check it out.

    Am following you now, would mean alot if you could follow me too, I would love to stay close to your blog so I can visit it more often.