Monday, September 30, 2013

The New England Shake Up! Three days of Rockabilly heaven!

What a weekend!! We did the New England Shake Up and it was amazing!! Where to begin... The crowd was dressed to the nines, both guys and dolls. It was like a three day retro fashion show and I was over the moon. I want to live in that world!

I was not able to escape my booth much but I did manage to make it to the ball room a couple of times to hear some of the bands. The music was crazy good!! There was a vintage car show on Saturday and a Tiki inspired pool party on Sunday. A mini Viva Las Vegas right here in New England!

Everyone was as nice as could be. The vendors room was great fun. We had old school hairdressers and a barber plying their trades which was fascinating to watch. They even had a complete barbershop set up. There was a full retro make up counter, authentic vintage and repro clothing, custom guitars, vintage vinyl, a whole booth filled with luscious Bakelite ... a perfect mix.

I did my best to get photos with my phone but they are just the tip of the iceberg. They show is scheduled again for next year and I know that's a whole year away but it's well worth checking their website and marking your calendar now. 

Resting at the make up counter.

                            The "Beauty Salon"                             

 My Friend Jeanette with her new hairdo.

   Johnny, selling vinyl! 

 Yummy white mink!

    My booth.

 Novelty print circle skirts.

    LOVE her look!

 Plenty of beaded and fur trimmed cardigans.

   Rockin' ties!!

Marianne from Montreal in a dress she purchased from me.

Retro cuties!

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  1. Wonderful photos. Thanks for letting us enjoy this event from afar...