Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sewing with Vintage Patterns

A lot of you know that I recently moved my vintage business to a beautiful new studio space. It's been one of my better decisions and I could not be happier, but it's also been a heck of a job. I'm still in the process of transitioning inventory. This week has been dedicated to bringing over my stash of vintage patterns, sewing books and fabric. Last week I spent some time sorting vintage buttons and I still need to process through all my vintage trims. It's all very tedious and a bit overwhelming but I know it will get done and I look forward to finally being organized. I also look forward to expanding my website and Etsy shop to include many of these treasures, but that's a future plan. First things first as they say!

Handling all that lovely fabric made me nostalgic and I started to wonder what might be happening in todays world of dressmaking. It's been a long time since I had my own dressmaker/millinery business and the only sewing I seem to have time for now are repairs and alterations for my customers, but I still love the craft. For a little break I decided to check out the internet and see what's going on out there. I was especially interested in who might be sewing from vintage patterns.   I did the Google and discovered there is a vast and wonderful world of people making their own "vintage" clothing. I found a number of great blogs. Some folks were purists others not so much but they were all really passionate and I had a ball reading what they had to say. I'd like to share a few of my favorites.

Some good practical suggestions for using vintage patterns and a really great blog site!
Sew Retro Rose. This blog site is dedicated to sewing vintage fashions from original patterns.  She has some great tips
Fairly new to the game this gal is sewing her little heart out and loving every minute of it! Her jump-right-in approach is relaxed and fearless, which might not be for everyone, but her confidence is contagious and inspiring.
A wonderful intro article to sewing with vintage patterns.
And finally a few pics of my vintage sewing stash that is slowly making it's way to the new studio.
 A few of the many vintage sewing books I've collected over the years.

The most tedious job of all. Sorting buttons a little at a time. Just a few more boxes to go....

An unruly pile of cotton prints waiting to be folded and stacked.

One shelf of woolens all done :)

I am NOT a vintage pattern hoarder...really I'm not. OK so maybe a I am a little but I do intend to list them...well most of them...someday...

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  1. Thanks for those links. I vintage sew too as well as wear, shop and jitterbug. I am about to have a vintage pattern purge myself. My kids are almost grown and I don't see making most of the children's patterns I've collected. There's still hope for me though. Going to check out those links...