Thursday, June 27, 2013

Peeking behind the curtain...what goes into preparing for a vintage show.

I am in the middle of prepping for the Sturbridge Textile Show and it's utter usual. My work table is stacked high with mending and my ironing basket is overflowing. The jewelry corner in my studio is a jumble with display forms and vintage "jewels".  I have gone through my clothing racks countless times pulling pieces and putting them back while I try to decide what the customers will be looking for.

Should I load up on sun dresses, it is summer after all? But wait! The designers are going to be looking for fall, should I pack a few coats? Is it to early to think about Holiday? I think so...but maybe not! Definitely some nice transitional pieces...light sweaters, late season dresses and the like. I haven't even opened my bins of belts, scarves and hats and OMG! It's already Thursday! I only have 8 days left to do this.....

This is my life.... I am a vintage clothing dealer and the bulk of my business is done at vintage shows. Aside from the occasional stress induced, mini breakdown, I really do love my job. I love it when the van is all packed and we are on our way. When we arrive I take my time setting up the booth, I want it to look perfect when the customers come in. Looking around I see my neighboring dealers fussing over their displays and it feels nice, we all want the place to look beautiful. Then the doors open and the crowd rushes in. It's show time.

Pressing a vintage cotton blouse

Inspecting a 1920s beaded dress

Box of vintage and antique trims and sewing memorabilia. The lace is gossamer thin and had to be delicately pressed and folded.  

Should I bring Holiday to a July show? Decisions... Decisions

Replacing an elastic waist in a 1970s silk dress.

What a mess! Staging my jewelry display. When I am done I take pics for reference to help me set up at the show.


  1. You are really, really making me want to go to Sturbridge!

  2. Sounds exciting. Next year, let me come with! I'm good with tidying up. Have a great show! : )