Saturday, May 9, 2009

The wonderful world of vintage!

Hello and Welcome!

Let me begin my new blog site, A Vintage Ramble, with an introduction. My name is Melody and I'm a vintage clothing dealer. I own as well as a shop-by-appointment store in Gardner, Massachusetts. Simply put, I became a vintage dealer because I am utterly obsessed with fashions and textiles from the past. It is my passion.

(a rack of vintage dresses in my shop)

I am also the author of The Little Guide to Vintage Shopping, due for release this coming Oct. by Quirk books. If there is one thing I love almost as much as working with vintage it's writing about it. My little book is a great basic guide book, it explains everything you need to know when you shop for vintage, but there is so much more to write about.

Before blogging became the rage and before I was contracted to write my book I would send out a newsletters from my website with short, interesting, vintage related articles. Subjects were random, whatever struck my fancy at the time...some musings by Chanel that I had come across in an old magazine, the trials and tribulations of dealing with the cloths moth.... sometimes a little fashion history lesson. These articles are archived on my site and available to read at your leisure but, again, there is so much more to write about. Blogging seems to be the perfect venue for this love affair of mine so I welcome you and hope you will join me in my celebration of the wonderful world of Vintage!

Until we meet again, best to you all! Melody

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